January 31st, 2017


…a lot of graphite…

Over the weekend, I finished the second phase of a project I’d begun just before New Year’s of 2016 – 480 pages of pencils for my first graphic novel. It’s been a year of so much graphite and finding time anywhere and everywhere to get lines down onto paper. And so, the third phase begins. The inks & the lettering. I have been posting photos of my progress through the pencils on Instagram, and I’ll do the same for the inks, but on my blog I’d like to use the space for more polished thoughts, especially about what pushed me to set out and write this novel. I have one post planned per week, to be posted Monday mornings, through the projected three or four months it will take me to ink this behemoth. A few of my favorite recent pages of pencils are down below, and the rest is over at @darkline.sparrowline. 



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— Primitive Work —

This is finished the mini comic I did for the 2014 Small Press Expo…





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