While I have two full length graphic novels (Moths in the Veil and Leaving on Empty) that I’ll be working on releasing through 2023, these are four short stories that I finished during 2022.  All are done in traditional pen, brush, and ink. 

Horse Head

This four page minicomic is the first I did moving away from the series of stories I worked on for most of 2022, and towards a new cycle.


Drone is a simple two page minicomic, which acts as a loose prologue to my Leaving on Empty set of stories.

Leaving on Empty 0

This single page comic acts as a direct lead-in to my Leaving on Empty set of stories, the main series of which I’ll be releasing in 2023. 

A Fullness, Laying Down

This 16 page short story acts as an epilogue to the main story in my Leaving on Empty series of stories. I try to give these short stories the quality of being able to be read on their own, but also adding to a larger connected story. When printed as a booklet, the illustrations act as a sort of single, seamless landscape image.