◈ Nadiya ◈

      A young girl wakes in the night, and watches as her little brother is stolen away in waves of golden light.  All at once, and long before she comes to realize it, her childhood has ended and she has been brought into a life which she should have been shielded from by those who failed her and those who have forgotten her.  Nadiya is an ongoing graphic novel, printed in chapters.

◈ Moths in the Veil ◈

      Making their way through a land trapped beneath a theocratic rule and controlled by an all-seeing, all-knowing despot, Abby and Celia are on a journey to peel away the layers of untruths they’ve been taught their whole lives. Moths in the Veil is a graphic novel of eight chapters, printed in nine parts. 

◈ Leaving on Empty ◈

      Alone on his boat and purposefully adrift at sea, a hollowed out man spends his days in bottles and diversions, attempting to distract himself from his loneliness, and from what he cant bring himself to think about — until he is abruptly and annoyingly not alone, and for the first time in years someone new comes into his life.  A story of love, loss, and discovering where all the defecations of the world have gone.  Leaving on Empty is a graphic novel in three parts, plus three connected short stories.  

◈ Squatters in the Low House ◈


         A road which leads to escape may also lead to stagnation, and a place in-between yields the dependency of safety.  Herbs are consumed, wounds are healed, and terrible mistakes are made with the lights on.  A sword in the mind is blunted in the solace of squalor, as a sword cast away finds its way through.  Squatters in the Low House is a graphic novella, and includes two short stories bundled with it.